Amazing Pet Hair Remover Brush

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The Amazing Pet Hair Remover Brush is a NEW invention that uses electrostatic attraction to easily and safely remove hair, dust and fur. 

  • Use it on clothes, bed sheets, pet beds, sofa, textile furniture and carpets to remove hair, dust, fur. 
  • Electrostatic attraction and double side action turns cleaning into a play. 
  • The brush cleans itself by inserting it inside the sheath which collects all the hair at the bottom for easy disposal. 
  • Buy a single home-use brush or a set of home + travel brush. 
  • Each set comes with 2 brushes: A home-use brush and a travel brush, which can be fitted in your bag. 
  • The travel brush is fixed to the sheath which can also be used as a handle. 
  • Made of durable ABS material and polyester silk bristles that gives it the unique electrostatic attraction ability.

Available in colors: Light blue/Grey/Orange. 

Choose between: The Home Brush or the Complete Home Brush + Travel Brush Set

Why hesitate - it really works!