2019 Top 8 Challenging Toys for Bored Cats & Kittens

In search for the best and only the best, we meticulously put together year 2019's 8 most challenging and exciting cat teaser toys. Each of them are quite unique and represents both completely new inventions, as well as, time-tested toys that just works every time on cats. Similarly we also considered the social entertainment aspect of the cat teaser toys and strongly favored the cat toys we believe that have the best entertainment value to both humans and cats. On a daily basis, we only have limited time to play with our cats, so we better make sure that every teaser toy is worth the quality time we spend with our fluffy friends. 

But cats get bored very easily...

Yes we know. As cat owners ourselves, we want our cat to be never feel bored when playing. Boredom can be a daunting task as cats are intelligent animals with very high chances of success in hunting, so they can get bored pretty easily with almost any toy you throw at them - it is just a matter of time. Cats are very good at learning new patterns of their prey and will continuously adapt and predict with repeated play. It is very important to always keep your cats busy during play or else they lose interest very fast. Therefore to be nominated for the top 8 best cat teaser toy in 2019, the nominees must feature a strong element of surprise, speed and responsiveness that would prove intellectually challenging to even the smartest cats. 


CAT PUNCH Box Original Teaser Toy for Cats

Who is faster: You or your cat? This Cat Punch Box is an amazing new teaser toy for interactive play with cats. 

You can literally have hours of hilarious fun and intensive play with you cat. Cats will be on full alert when playing this game because it is so captive. There is a 50-50 chance for you to be quicker than your cat because cats can actually react pretty fast with their paws. The more you play, the faster both you and your cat will become. Be careful, it may get on your nerves if you cant beat your cat in a simple game like this - you are warned!  

Made of hardened carton, this punch box is all natural and environmental-friendly. DIY assembly: Assemble this punch box easily our quick and illustrated instructions.


Catch-The-Feather Teaser Robot

Cats are crazy in love with this robotic teaser! This robotic cat teaser will make your cat totally addicted to a fully automated catch-the-feather game. The colorful feather heads moves in and out randomly from 6 different holes to stimulate your cat's reflexes. Very challenging and very fast-moving, this robotic cat teaser is going to your cat an unparalleled level of daily exercise. 

Turns on with a press of a button, you can select 3 modes: 

  • Normal mode (Yellow): Operates for 10min. by randomly sticking its feathers out in each of the 6 holes.
  • Intelligent mode (Blue): Auto-detects daylight/night. Only turned on during daytime.
  • Feather change mode (Purple): Feather head permanently sticks out for easy feather head change.


5-in-1 Feather Heads Teaser Rod

5 times the fun: Never run out of surprises and teaser feather for your cat toy. 

Cat teaser rods are some of the most successful cat toys of all time because cats just love to chase after flying feathers, but normal teaser rods get destroyed easily because cats like to bite the feather heads off. This unique teaser rod comes with 5 interchangeable feather heads for extended play time with your cat. Each feather head is unique in shape and color so your cat won't be bored. The teasers are make of real feathers with a hook to snap on to the rod. The rod itself can go all the way up to 85 cm (33') for an extended reach. 


Anniversary Gift Set of 7 Traditional Toys

cat traditional teaser toy

A beautiful gift set of 7 of the most time-tested cat teasers to treat your precious furry fellow or a large family of happy cats. Each cat teaser toy is unique and made out of eco-friendly sisal fiber which is natural, strong and durable. The sisal fiber is exact the same material used to make some of the most durable cat scratch boards in the world - up to 10x times stronger than your average carton scratch boards. These 7 traditional cat toys comes in a delicate eco-friendly packaging to lower its environment footprint.


Cat Teaser Rod with Feathers and Bell

Tease your cat all day long with this feather teaser toy. It has got colorful feathers and ringing bells to entertain your cat for hours. Mounted on a 56 cm rod and a 45 cm line, this cat teaser is long enough for you to tease your cat from far away. 

What is so incredible about this teaser rod is that it just does it job so well at a very affordable price point that you can easily get 10 of them without breaking the bank.


Rainbow Color Band Cat Teaser Rod

Is this a snake or a tail? Let the cats decide! This long rainbow colored cloth stripe teaser toy will amaze your cat for hours of jumping and hunting. It works really well to challenge your cat because it slips so easily between the paws, that cats need to reinvent how they approach to catch this dancing teaser toy. 

Mounted on a 40 cm rod, this cat teaser is long enough for you to tease your cat from far away. 2 different colors to choose from: Bright rainbow or solid rainbow color. 


Mouse in a Cage Ball Cat Toy

The mouse that your cat will never get and never stop trying. Inserted inside a metal cage ball, this mouse is both eye-catching and attractively soft to bite. 

The cage ball is made of metal to endure heavy punish from your cat and it rolls and rotates at the slightest touch. 

Cats enjoy a great time playing with this mouse-in-ball teaser toy as they try hectically to open up the cage. 


Teasing Cat Toy Ball in Sisal

Never fall. These teaser toy balls will stand up every time they get knocked down promising a responsive play that puzzles even the most clever cats. 

With feathers on top, these teaser toys are made of sisal fiber - a natural plant that is both durable and feels solid to bite. This toy is designed to be pounded, chewed and scratched for a very long time. 

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