CAT PUNCH the Original Punch Box Teaser Toy for Cats (Extra 10% off using promocode LAZYPETS10)

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Who is faster: You or your cat? This Cat Punch Box is an amazing new toy for interactive play with cats. 

  • Hours of hilarious fun and intensive play with you cat. Cats are on full alert when playing this game. 
  • Made of hardened carton, this punch box is all natural and environmental-friendly. 
  • DIY assembly - assemble this punch box easily our quick and illustrated instructions. 
  • Spare parts: 2 spare parts are included for the parts that are prone to wear and tear.

Instruction guide for how to assemble your Cat PUNCH!  

Watch how Apple is playing with her new Cat PUNCH!



  • ECO-FRIENDLY & SAFE-TO-CHEW PRODUCT: Our Cat Punch Box game is made using safe toxic-free carton board with non-PE coating to ensure the safety of your family and pets.
  • CREATE BETTER BONDING WITH YOUR CAT: Our cardboard cat teaser toy gives you and your cat quality time together. Endless hours of enjoyable play with your pet with the quality toy for your fluffy feline friends.
  • RECOMMENDED FOR KEEPING FIT: This amazing whack-a-hole cat toy is recommended to assist cats in keeping healthy and maintain weight.
  • FUN TO PLAY TOYS FOR CAT: This surprise whack-a-mole toy for fat cats offers strong levels of concentrated puzzle game helps cats engage in interactive play for a long time. Never again have a dull moment for your pet.
  • REINFORCES CAT'S NATURAL INSTINCTS: This interactive whack-a-mole cat toy helps reinforce your cat's active and healthy instincts and keeps it physically happy indoors. Perfect your cat's hunting skills and help  maintain perfect health.