What Cat Breed Is Most Suitable For Me?

Not all cat breeds behave alike. Some are more affectionate, playful, easy to maintain and gentle than others. The question is what cat breed are you? 

Take a look at our compilation of the most common cat breeds and their characteristics. Can you find the one breed that match well with you and your family?


Birman: Long hair, easy to maintain, grooming once a week. Very clever and loving to humans. Gentle, affectionate, a loyal companion that will follow you around the house. 
 barman cat


Siamese: Verbal and expressive, requires high level of care and attention, need serious daily play time, loving and needy companion and does not like to be left alone.

siamese cat 


Snowshoe: Exceptionally warm and affectionate cat breed, very playful, great personality, easy to groom and enjoys the indoor living with kids and family.

 snowshoe cat


Somali: A very intelligent, playful and active cat. Nothing escapes its alertness. This type of cat can be gentle, loyal, sensitive, and full of humor. Has minimum grooming needs, love to play, loves water, and loves to be next to you or do lap napping. Will capture you heart.

 Somali cat


Pixie-Bob: Is very trainable, bright, loyal, family-oriented cat breed. Looks wild and dangerous, but is actually tame and laid back. 

 Pixie Bob cat


American Bobtail: With the looks of a wild cat and the personality of a golden retriever, American Bobtail is loving and energetic. Medium to large size cat breed is intelligent and enjoys lots of playing.

American Bobtail cat

Turkish Shorthair: Is a mild and kind cat, has exceptional mental abilities and jumping skills. Gifted with melodic and musical talents, this breed can tap the rhythm with the tail while listening to music. Also this breed is known for its extraordinary communication skills. 

 turkish shorthair cat


Bengal: As an active and clever companion, Bengal is both athletic, agile and intelligent. It likes active playing and can be naughty when bored. Otherwise it is known for being a talkative and friendly companions.

bengal cats


Ocicat: Looks like a small wild spotted cat, but household-friendly, energetic, and affectionate. A very social cat with strong human bonding and not afraid of being carried. Also know to be clever, dedicated, extremely adaptable companion.


Persian: Persian is known for its quiet and mild temper. Although mostly easygoing, it is playful in its own way. Many would agree that Persian is a lovely and cute breed. General daily grooming is required, at least 20 minutes per day to keep the hair in good condition.

 persian cat


Selkirk Rex: The cuddly and affectionate nature of the Selkrik allows her enjoys a good embrace, but can at times demand your full attention. The breed is more active than its ancestors Persian and British Shorthair, and likes to the social company of humans. 

Selkirk Cat


Ragdoll: Acknowledged for its easygoing and warm nature, Ragdoll is perhaps the most gentle and laid-back breed that enjoys human embrace whenever it can. It learns fast how to pick up good manners and behavior. Likes to be cuddled and sit on your lap when it has the chance to. Its long hair needs grooming twice a week.

 ragdoll cat


Exotic: Passive, mild cat with a low tone. A thoughtful cat that enjoys sitting on laps and likes comfort of home. More curious and active than the Persian, it likes to be attached to an active lifestyle. 

 Exotic cat

Sphinx: It loves the human attention and is not afraid of being taken care of. Very clever and energetic cat that enjoys exploring and adventure. Extremely fond of toys and play. Its skin feels like warm soft suede, but prefers to stay in warm places like under your bedding to keep warm at night. 

sphynx cat


Singapura Cat: Discovered in Singapore, this breed is a descendant of Burmese and Abyssinian. It is characterized by its big ears, slim face small-sized head, but a strong body. It tends to have a tiny little voice, but is very active when it comes to playfulness. It loves to be around humans and will not be afraid to jump on your lap to accompany you. Requires no hair grooming. 

singapura cat


To sum it up, each cat breeds have their own unique character. Looking for the right cat breed for you and your family is a great family project that can both be a fun and rewarding experience. Understanding what type of cat you are looking for and the level of maintenance it requires from you in terms of attention, grooming and playtime is going to help set the expectations for a long lasting friendship with your cat. 

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